Marketing Boost Explained – Incentive Based Marketing Think & Act Differently For Different Results

Greg Cassar explains ‘Incentive Based Marketing’ through and how to ‘Think and Act Differently’ for Different Results’ avoiding competing on price in business ever again.

Basically, it’s what smart marketers doing right now to get more sales, more profit, more viral referrals and stand out from the crowd.

-It’s all about standing out from your competition, while still offering your usual great product or service and without having to lower your prices.

-It’s about giving our customers a ‘no brainer’ offer to choose you and choose you every time.

-This is being used by fortune 500 companies like Amazon, Starbucks, McDonalds and more to completely dominate their competition and the idea has been around for some time.

However, this specific strategy Greg talks about has previously only been available to the largest corporations in the world, but right now through Marketing Boost, you get access to it as an SMB.

In the past 18 months, has helped thousands of companies across all industries use this strategy to increase their profits by as much as 10X.

Check this out to Discover How Give Away Free Vacations + Other Incentives Plus Get Business/Marketing Training to Grow Your Business Faster Than Ever Before.

(It’s basically like doing the worst thing your Competition could do to you, but you doing it to them).

Marketing Boost is a brand new offering that was previously only available to large corporations and is now available to small and medium businesses.

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This is a very unique period of time because free vacation, restaurant & hotel incentives / give away’s are not main stream yet, but that will change very soon. We give businesses a significant advantage over their competition by offering these kinds of vouchers to give away to your customers, clients and leads to use as incentives.

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