Marketing Boost Incentive Based Marketing Explode Your Sales By Giving Away FREE Vacations

No matter what business you’re in, learning to effectively use incentives can double or even triple your sales. When you join my team with MWR, you have access to these marketing incentives and more. When you purchase any of the tools I recommend you get a free vacation as my way of saying thanks.
MWR Financial is a great opportunity in the personal finance space. If the goal is to get out of debt and free up cash to start investing then, MWR has solved for that with their Instant Pay Raise Strategy. Join one of the fastest-growing teams in MWR here n
If you’re sick and tired of your financial situation and ready
to take action to change it then you’ve gotta check out
the Financial Health Membership powered by MWR’s FinancialEdge. Entrepreneurship may not be for everyone but the Financial Health Membership is, check it out at and see how our team of professionals will help you explode your personal finances in record time. You’ll never learn these strategies in school and very few people
that know them are willing to teach them. While there are various strategies and levels to wealth building, the Financial Health Membership is designed for working-class people.

It’s the only game plan that will help the average
person build wealth from scratch.
Website: m
text “Questions” to 314-874-6887 to set
an appointment to talk.

DISCLAIMER: H Cortez aka Financial Health Mentor is NOT a
financial advisor/planner or CPA. The information shared on this channel is not financial advice but instead examples of actual experiences of H Cortez and the guests of the channel. Also, any mention/reference to income is NOT a guarantee but merely an example of potential income that could be made if one puts in the work required. Always see a certified professional to assist you in your financial matters.
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MWR 4 Pillars of Financial Assistance brings everything you need under one umbrella.

#1 MWR Financial MoneyMax – Designed to address the average Americans’ largest expense, TAXES! MoneyMAX provides you with UNLIMITED access to top-rated CPA’s and CFP’s, without having to pay $125-$200 per hour! You’ll learn that one of the best things you can do to legally reduce your tax liability is to start a home-based business.

With that being the case you’ll need to know what the IRS expects of you as a business owner to ensure that you remain compliant to the rules. There are three primary things that the IRS is looking for: Are you legitimately trying to make a profit, can you provide proof that you work your business regularly and do you keep good records. MWR Financial has you covered with their tax professionals and your subscription to TaxBot software which is included in your membership.

#2 MWR Financial CreditMax – These professionals have helped over 100,000 customers improve their credit scores by 50-150 points on average and are waiting to help you too. Addressing all 5 components of the credit score makes CreditMax the premier credit restoration program in America.

CreditMAX has helped thousands of consumers Remove or Correct:
• Late Payments
• Collection Accounts
• State & Federal Tax Liens
• Automobile Repossessions
• Judgments
• Foreclosures
• Bankruptcy Items
• Charge-Offs
• ID Theft Entries
• Incorrect & Outdated Entries
MWR Financial EquityMax – It’s hard to build real wealth when you’re drowning in debt. EquityMax gives you access to some of the best money managers available to help you with budgeting and accelerating your debt elimination game plan. Just think, how much money would you have available to invest if you had no debt?
MWR Financial WealthMax – This is where the rubber meets the road. You want to build an empire and leave a legacy for the next generation? Then you’ve got to learn and understand how to make your money grow faster than the rate of inflation.
The primary focus of WealthMax is to help you safely grow your money without the risk of loss while at the same time allowing you to access it tax-free when you need it.

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