Marketing Boost members: success and sales

Marco Torres interviews two Marketing Boost members that are killing it using MB incentives. He introduces you to Rick Grunden who has been a long-time member of marketing Boost and has quite a story to share. He has made Tens of thousands of dollars using our incentives to Boost high ticket sales!

Rick used to run the largest Accredited Only Investor Group in the World, meaning every member by LAW had to have at LEAST one million dollars net worth.
He left that to be an entrepreneur and focus on selling online businesses he helps men and women of ALL ages buy their Financial Freedom, but he shows them how to buy a cash-flowing business paying them more than their Magical Monthly Financial Freedom Number. He uses Marketing Boost incentives to help them pull the trigger on high ticket purchases! Regardless of what you sell you will find Rick’s Success Story very interesting and you will find nuggets that you can implement immediately in your sales process! Don’t miss this event from multi 7 figure earner!

He also introduces you to Kishore Ramaraju who is based out of Houston, Texas. Kishore just recently launched a Stock Trading Alert Subscription service in Jan 2021. Last month he used MB incentives to boost over 300 of his Monthly subscribers to convert to annual subscribers and another 200 subscribers to upgrade to 6 Month prepaid plan! (In one promotion he generated over $400K in new revenue). Join us to get the scoop on how he used “Telegram Channel” and “Telegram Groups” for this venture. This is incentive-based marketing at its finest!

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