Marketing Boost Sales Incentive Affiliate Program Review | $37 A Month

Marketing Boost Sales Incentive Affiliate Program Review

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NOTE: Recent name change from Advertising Boost to Marketing Boost, more features have been added as well as dozens of new destinations 🙂
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My name is Ed Blakeslee, I am in Binghamton, NY and an affiliate with Marketing boost.
is my affiliate/forwarding URL to Marketing Boost.

Andy Small, Marco Torres and the others at Marketing Boost are very helpful and offer you so much support, thus making it so very easy to get started.

They are easily accessable and you can get them in the FB group and they hold regular zoom meetings multiple times monthly.

Business owners should use this regardless of how big or small they are.
Its a fantastic way to increase sales and generate new leads.

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Your potential prospects receive free vacations, selecting from luxury destinations that have been visited and approved by the team at

These vacations are Awesome!
One example resort to give is the Grand Mayan Resort, Cancun, Mexico when a customer chooses to use your services, or you might be trying to get more leads and offer a free vacation for an email optin.

With Marketing Boost you literally have the ability to “EXPLODE” anyone’s business, including your own!
The possibilities are huge with what you can do with Marketing Boost.

They have hotel savings cards and restaurant certificates also.

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How Do They Do It ?
Marketing Boost is owned and operated by one of the largest online travel and booking companies in the world,, and they have negotiated with their top Hotels and Resorts to offer these free vacations.

Rather than a hotel have rooms empty, they partner with Marketing Boost to give these rewards, bring in the guest who will likely spend money in the bar, restaurants, other functions at the hotel and maybe book an extended stay. The hotel gains a customer, the person traveling gets a very nice vacation and the affiliate gets commission.

Over 315,000 free vacations have already been redeemed by happy customers using the vouchers.
Stay ahead of your competitors, and watch your profits explode by using Marketing Boost.

Thank you for reading this now go and get your
Free 7 Day Trial here! m

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