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⚱Marketing Funnel Part-5
👨‍⚖️ How to generate leads by using video sales funnel ?
⛔ Funnels are essential for growth and every funnel is specific to a business and it’s audience.
⏳In this carousel we have learn :
1. What is video sales funnel ?
2. Why do video sales funnel work ?
3. Generating leads with video sales funnel ?
4. Producing impactful video funnel tips.
5. Google is priotizing video in search results
6. Ad spend is growing

👉 Do you know ?

✅ Over 2 billion people access YouTube 

⚠️ YouTube is the perfect ecosystem for your video sales funnel. It’s the second-largest search engine in the world and has 2 billion monthly active users searching for content in almost every niche under the sun. There’s a good chance your buyers are on YouTube. 

✅ People use videos for answers

⚠️ Google research shows that YouTube viewers use the platform for help with problems they experience with their work, studies, and hobbies. Have a solution to sell? Make a series of YouTube videos for your captive audience that’s looking for answers to problems you can help them solve.

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