Marketing Funnel Explained: How Can It Help Your Business?

What is a marketing funnel and how can it help your business? Today, we’ll go over the benefits of marketing funnels.

In this week’s marketing video, I explain marketing funnels and the benefits for your business. Are you looking for a way to simplify your customer journey, and stop wasting time & money?

3 Ways a Marketing Funnel help your business:

👉 Simplifies the Buyer’s Journey

👉 Helps You Understand Your Audience

👉 Optimises Your Marketing Strategy

The four main steps of a Marketing Funnel are:

🌟 Attention: A potential consumer sees your advertisement or social media post, or hears about you via a friend.

🌟 Interest: They believe you can solve an issue and are interested in learning more.

🌟 Desire: The prospect has conducted research and wants to convert.

🌟 Action: The prospect performs the desired action, such as purchasing your product, scheduling a demo, or anything else you want.

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Video Chapters:

0: 00 – Intro
04: 02 – Simplifies the Buyer’s Journey
04: 31 – Helps You Understand Your Audience
05: 23 – Optimises Your Marketing Strategy


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