Marketing Funnel. How to Load Your Funnel Quickly and Easily for Online Marketing by Mark Mikelat

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Do you need help loading your marketing funnel quickly? What is a marketing funnel? Do you have trouble understanding your marketing funnel? This short video explains what you need about your marketing funnel.

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by Mark Mikelat, President of Building Aspirations

Marketing Funnel. How to Load Your Funnel Quickly and Easily for Online Marketing by Mark Mikelat

Marketing Funnel. How to Load Your Funnel Quickly and Easily for Online Marketing by Mark Mikelat

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The Transcription of the video:
Hi, this is Mark Mikelat from Building Aspirations
and I want you to be incredibly successful in your business. And, I am going to share with you in this
short video to follow information about how to properly manage your marketing and sales
funnel. Stay tuned. Now the funnel? You may have heard about the funnel. It is basically a funnel and
right here at the bottom those are your customers. You put more and more into the funnel and
then they go through. And, eventually someone, a suspect, a visitor
an interested party eventually becomes a paying client, or a paying customer. Now, here is the whole point. What you want is something for free to get
them into the funnel in the very beginning. An opt-in bonus. Subscribe to my newsletter for this ebook. Subscribe to my RSS feed for these tips, for
this whitepaper, for this video series, whatever it might be. If you are a subscriber to the Building Aspirations
newsletter or would like to subscribe we welcome you with the email marketing video success
series, 10 videos on how to be more effective with your email marketing. So that is your opt-in bonus. That is your free item to encourage people
to connect with you in your funnel. Now although it is free, I want you to focus
on high value. You need to provide high value. Now if you are selling products, sending them
a sample of your product might be an option, but that is expensive for you. What you want to focus on is high value to
them and low cost for you, so that is typically information based products, because if you
can create a download, a whitepaper, anything electronic there is a minimal fixed cost for

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