Marketing Funnel Like Scream Movie

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⚫️ Sometimes it’s easier to understand the mechanism of your marketing if you compare it with a horror film. Screamis a 1996 teen slasher movie that parodies the horror genre with constant references to other films:When a Stranger Calls,Friday the 13th,Halloween,The Silence of the Lambs,etc.

🔴 You can become a director of your own film, whether horror or romantic, it’s up to you. Just remember that the main plot of your business movie picture should be driven by rules of conversion on the way through marketing funnel levels.

⚫️ Video Chapters
00: 00 – Intro (How to describe a marketing funnel?)
00: 20 – Marketing funnel is like Scream movie
02: 09 – How the plot of Scream works
02: 28 – How a marketing funnel works
03: 39 – What’s the trick?
04: 02 – Coming back to the Scream movie and Munch exhibition
04: 54 – What movies can be compared with a marketing funnel if you don’t like horrors?

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