Marketing Funnel Part 1 – How to Create Awareness

Get your business seen by tens of thousands .

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Want to create mass awareness for your business?

To get your business seen by tens of thousands of new people each month?
Keep watching and I’ll show you exactly how.

In my last video I talked about this, the sales funnel, and why you need one to get a consistent flow of customers for your business.

The first stage in the funnel is the AWARENESS STAGE. At this stage, your goal is to reach as many people as you possibly can.

So here’re 3 ways to create mass for your business.

Number 1. is to create and publish content consistently. Content is the king of the internet. Further, it’s free, permissionless, and most importantly effective.

Number 2. Advertise your content. You don’t just wanna share your content with your current audience and neither should you rely on the algorithm to show it. That’s too slow.

Number 3. Partner with influencers. Influencers are easily recognizable and will help to get your content seen by a lot of new people.

This is how you create mass awareness.

In the next video, ill talk about how to generate interest which is the second stage of the funnel. So make sure you follow up to see when that’s ready.

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