Marketing Funnel Part 2 – How to Generate Interest

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In my last video, I spoke about the 1st stage of the sales/marketing funnel which is the Awareness stage and in this video, I’ll break down the second stage, which is the Interest stage. This is the most challenging stage but once you understand it, you’ll be better equipped to turn more viewers and followers into customers.

So how do you gain interest in your products or services?

1. The main idea in this stage is that this is where you communicate the benefits of your products or services. Let your viewers know exactly how your product or service will change their life.

2. There are two main tools that you should use in this stage. 1. Storytelling and 2. Social Proof. Storytelling to paint a picture of a world before and after using your products or services and Social Proof to show how others have benefitted from your products or services.

3. Pro tip-I highly recommend you get the viewers on an email list to help qualify their interest and to have a direct line of communication with them.

That’s how you gain interest in your products and services.

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