Marketing Funnels: Do Them Right & Gain Sales

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Are you frustrated with your marketing efforts?

Wasting time on marketing and not gaining traction?
Posting on social media with no conversions?
Worried you’re not speaking to the right audience?

You might be missing some crucial pieces in your marketing funnel.

In this workshop, we show you which parts are missing and how to build a funnel that works. And find your ideal client!
Worry less about your marketing efforts. Spend less time AND be more effective!

This workshop is for you if…
– You’re not clear on who your ideal client is.
– You’re posting on social media with no sales.
– Your audience hasn’t responded to your new offers.
– You’re determined to take your business to the next level.
– You want to increase your sales, engagement, and gain new clients.

You will walk away knowing…
– Who your ideal client is — *BONUS: 5 page Ideal Client Worksheet
– What a Marketing Funnel is.
– Which missing pieces you need in your funnel.
– How to build your funnel out.
– How to sell your current service/package.

Download your 5 Page Ideal Client Questionnaire by clicking the link below and suing 100% off coupon code: POLLINATORVIP

For past Sprout Creative Pollinators head to our YouTube Channel. We cover basic marketing tactics that can help you accelerate your growing business! W

Get on Kristina’s calendar to
1. Get a PLAN
2. START your marketing
3. GAIN new clients

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