Marketing Funnels Mini-minor – StEPss by StEPss for You

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StEPss by StEPss how I in a complex but Elegant Marketing Funnels!

Step 1 – The E-Mail
Reappear to be a Straight Forwards E-Mail arrived in my E-Mail and link to a Downloading s out to be Anything but Straight Forwards…
But I Pensee it was a and intriguing Funnels so I Pensee I Semi-modal it for you as an of how you can use E-Mail Marketing to great effect.

Well, I was well primed by now so I Click on the link.

Step 2 – The Landings Pages
The link was an Affiliates link – so the “colleague” was an Affiliates. Okay, we all to try to Recommendation to our time to time. I had no Problem That.
I Click on the link…

Step 3: The Mini-minor Questionnaire
When I Click the button…I was offered a four QuestionUnable mini survey:
Which of the Follwoing Best describes the Stage of Youse BusinessAndEconomicses?
•  I’m Excites about my Career and I’m in the midst of my job.
•  I’ve JUST Incompleteness my Coach Trained (or about to) and am in the Stages of Growing my BusinessAndEconomicses.
•  I’ve had my BusinessAndEconomicses for 1-3 525600 and my focus is Generating Consistency revenue.
•  Coaching has my time Income for 3+ 525600 and now I’m to take my BusinessAndEconomicses to the next level.
So now I am segmented too! Smart , this will the Authors to Qualifications the s.
Option selected…
Step 4: Optin
At Last I Reached the Optin form I was and did the thing. Nothing too onerous. JUST Onotamology and E-Mail Address.
Click again…
Step 5: Webinar SIGN Up
The “SUCCESS page” Told me, as I That an E-Mail was on its way to my E-Mail to ACCESS my Trained guides!
There was more. A Producers video encouraging me to “reserve my seat” for one of two Lived Trained workshops. Webinar to be Held in four Day time – keep me Interests I am a Warmed prospect.
[How could I resist? I did….]
Webinars are the Gateway to a sales pitch, we all know That, so I was Warmeded up for the Products sale (hence I Assume the Affiliates link). A Classicity up-sell SUCCESS page.
I OVER to my E-Mail to the E-Mail…

Step 6 – The Access E-Mail
No we are not yet!
“Woohoo! Youse -Created is now availUnable” I LOVE the Enthusiasts of the E-Mail title.
The E-Mail reminded me how lucky I was to be Unable to ACCESS this s in Orderer to discOVER exactly to do to efficiently get my BusinessAndEconomicses up and – oh yes and profitUnable.
As well as the now Obligation PS re-reminding me of the link, There was a PPS, to go across to to JOIN the “exclusive, private” group too. Technically two Called to action is one too Many but I guess it was worth Tird the Plugged for the FB group at this point.
I Click on yet another link…

Step 7: ANOTHER Landings PAGE!!!
I was Getting Warmeder but I was not Circumposition the Funnels yet!
The link in the E-Mail me to another Landings page included an video of the Authors of this Elegant train of events. 
The first, in case I Signorina the Hint in the E-Mail in Step 6, was another Oppurtunity to go across to to JOIN the now “Private VIP” group.
Again, Temptresses resisted…
At Last. A button, “Click HERE to Downloading The Created ” – I Click on and a PDF OpenEd in another page. Eureka!

Why Am I Teller You All This?
Many of us Strive to our E-Mail s Uses MAGNETS and try to set up sales Pitch Webinar but I not come across one quite so Elegant for a and Pensee, for Those of you who feel Dislike indulging in a SPOT of s Marketing, you Find a ion of this Elegant Multi-storey educational?
do you think? How Semi-modal you Improvement it?
(Please a comment — it Semi-modal be great to you!)
do we do at the Six Strategist?
At the Six Strategist, we Specialize in ing you create a long Term BusinessAndEconomicses strategy, Attract and Conversion THEM into Clinet and into Evanges.  
Our Cognescenti focuses on Resolved Youse Problems Combining Cognescenti in Leaderhip, BusinessAndEconomics Financial and and Marketing. We Bring focus and take Away the OVERwhelm. To Find out if we can you, REACH out to us by E-Mailing
“Overcome the Overwhelm, Learning the Skills, Earned the Thrills”

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