Marketing & Sales Part 1: Customer Journey/Sales Funnel

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In this video, Michael J. Bickert discusses the concept of Marketing & Sales and the Customer Journey/Sales Funnel. What are the similarities? What are the differences? And why is it crucial to your business’ success? Learn more about this concept by watching the video.

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Episode Guide:
0: 00 Start
0: 40 Introduction: Marketing & Sales
1: 57 Differences and Similarities of Marketing & Sales
3: 22 Communicating your Unique Value Proposition
5: 28 Similarities of Marketing & Sales: Communicating your Unique Value Proposition
6: 27 Similarities of Marketing & Sales: Introduce Prospective Customers into and lead them through the Customers Sales Journey
8: 39 Customer Journey Sales Funnel
18: 13 Customers exit the sales journey
25: 01 More similarities of Sales & Marketing
26: 41 More differences between Sales & Marketing
28: 18 Sales Representatives
29: 42 Measuring your data
31: 49 Conclusion

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