Marketing to Leads in Your Sales Funnel

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What is a sales funnel? Watch this video to find out and then read our article to discover how to build a sales funnel for your business, as well as what sales funnel software is available:

If you haven’t put aside some time for you or your team to do some sales training on how to build a sales funnel, this video (and the article linked above) will get them off to a great start.

In the article, you will discover:
– Sales funnel examples
– A sales funnel tutorial
– Sales funnel software you can use (including Pipedrive CRM integrations)
– Which sales funnel stages will work for your business
– How to build a sales funnel
– And sales funnel marketing opportunities

In fact, if you want to know how to use content marketing at each stage of your funnel, start with this video, as it contains sales funnel marketing examples for each stage.

Want to start getting control of your sales funnel and sales pipeline today? Check out Pipedrive’s 14-day free trial: l

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