MarketingBoost Incentive Marketing Program Review+Demo of BookVIP Plus and Dining Guru

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I go over the MarketingBoost free vacation incentive marketing program and show you how the other two Marketing Boost features work when I demonstrate the BookVIP Plus and Dining guru voucher programs.

The video was created as a supplement to a full review I wrote on the body follows website. is an incentive marketing program designed to help small business owners, internet marketers, affiliates, sales people, fundraising organizations and others, leverage a suite of low cost tools in order to increase leads, traffic and revenue.

The program is just $37 a month and offers a 7-day free trial with no contracts and no commitment.

MarketingBoosts main feature is the free vacation program that allows subscribers to incentivize an unlimited amount of leads, clients and customers to perform a specific action in exchange for the vacation.

Thousands of members have used the free vacation voucher program to increase sales, leads and customer loyalty for pennies on the dollar.

The other two incentive programs also carry value.
BookVIP Plus allows members to send out travel vouchers of up to $300 to anyone they wish. The reception then can choose from 1 million different destinations with NO restrictions, no blackout dates and no other strings attached.

The Dining Guru Program allows members to send vouchers to clients which allows them to redeem up to 50% off from thousands of restaurants nationwide. In addition to dining options, deals from various other industries can be found. Such as Comedy Clubs, Oil Change Services, Clothing Stores and more. The entire review can be found here: /

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