May the 4th be with Azure SQL | Data Exposed Live

Get the latest May news and updates in the world of data in this special “May the 4th be with Azure SQL” edition of Data Exposed Live with Anna Hoffman, Buck Woody, Emily Lisa, John Morehouse(Microsoft MVP),Kate Smith, Marisa Brasile, Pam Lahoud, and Pedro Lopes.

0: 00 Introduction
3: 45 Product Updates
6: 50 Closer look: Zone Redundancy
12: 22 Demo: Managed Instance and DR
20: 07 Data Exposed
21: 07 Blogs
23: 54 Closer look: Azure SQL Virtual Machine Updates
30: 06 Closer look: Query Store Updates
33: 57 Closer look: Intelligent Database in Azure SQL and SQL Server
42: 00 Closer look: Data Professionals Career Overview
45: 45 Upcoming Events
49: 50 Learn Module/Path of the Month

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Azure SQL News and Data Exposed Update – May 2022 Blog: e

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