Micro SaaS Browser Extensions Examples & Ideas Chrome Extensions #shorts

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This video shows successful Micro SaaS Browser Extensions Examples & Ideas. Chrome extensions are the most popular form of browser extension right now but you may not know that it’s quite easy to maintain an extension across all the major browser platforms on one codebase 🙌

This channel is for software developers / engineers / programmers on building and monetizing Micro SaaS apps, chrome extensions, as well as passive income, side hustles, and how to quit your software development job in a safe and low-risk manner.

A few years ago, I quit my well-paid Technical Director job and the rat race to build my own micro SaaS apps that have since made me multiple six figures in subscription revenue. The apps have made us a very comfortable living for our family of 4, not to mention the huge new lifestyle freedom it has brought with it too!

After working on the apps for a few years and scaling them up to $10k MRR I eventually sold them, exiting for a life-changing cash lump sum.

Now, I’ve set this channel up to help software developers that may be interested in doing something similar or at least taking their first steps into making money online through small SaaS (Software as a Service) apps leveraging their programming skills.

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