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AWS Devops Training videos 1 for beginners What is AWS Devops ? +91 8886552866

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This is my agenda. I’m going to talk about what’s happening around us. Right? Well, a big change is happening change at a great speed. And we need to catch that spade. In fact, to be ahead of the others, and to have a demanding package, to have not to have the rotational shifts, maybe to work at your convenience to get work from homes to get all of the luxuries and luxuries at workplace, you need to multiply the speed that

things are happening today.

So that you will be ahead of what’s happening. You know, that probably helps you in what you’re looking for. And then to talk about who is driving this change is something kind of a plan thing that is happening. Who is doing for what purpose? Is that good or bad? Right, we’ll, we’ll talk about it and then we’ll take you to as your 533 or as your administration technical role, like What technical topics are covered in that certification? In fact that certification is being discontinued or deprecated? From 31st? December 2018. So they have to they plan to have two other certifications that is az 181, not one. So we’ll talk about it and what should be your learning path? What is mentioned in the blueprint, all of that stuff,

the agenda? Well,

that is what is happening around us.

I know that you guys some of you guys must be experienced, but maybe give me initial 1015 minutes of time so that I’ll, I’ll make you understand

what actually

what actually happening around us. And then why you see very less number of opportunities in the common roles like maybe in Server Admin, Linux admin, Windows admin, network admin, storage admin, database administrator middleware, er p tools, you know, maybe normal big data on drums as Big Data things right? A lot of politics happening nowadays all fled you see in any organisation, you know, the level of

games that are

happening nowadays is like change like anything, because everybody feels that heat of the job security issue. Right? Why is that happening? One thing common across all the companies will help you understand that part. Well, around us, a big change is happening. Okay, a big change, you talk to anybody. There is a change, and that changes the cloud. Well, you can ask me, Well, I know a friend of mine working in a machine learning area. But definitely cloud is not changed there. It’s machine learning. Well, I know and another friend of mine, he’s working in big data analytics. He’s getting good package, but the change in that area is not cloud. It’s the analytics big data or data science. I know another friend of mine who’s working in DevOps. He’s also an engineer. Money there, the change is not cloud, but how can you generalise saying cloud is a changing? change? That is the big change?

Well, if you observe, you ask anybody,

DevOps that you’re talking about, where is it implemented, where it is being implemented? May be I mean, if you understand DevOps, it is going to be altogether a different discussion. But a high level DevOps is about automating things that you do normally or manually. It’s about build automation. It’s about ci CD, continuous integration and continuous delivery. Right? So build automation. Where are you automating the builds? Where are you automating the deployments? Right? If you have infrastructure on premises, the physical servers, you will be automating them. If you are virtualization, on premises, you will be automating them, but things are in the cloud, you talk to any company, it is a startup mid level, or a multinational company. You know, it Some portion of the infrastructure in the cloud and everybody’s focus going forward will be cloud. Well, of course, I’ll tell you why..

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