Middle of the Funnel

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In our sales process, we have now reached the Middle of the Funnel. In this stage, the prospective customer has showed interest to talk to us about a specific opportunity. We would now have to produce customized content and convince them we are the best. The next stage is to make the prospective customer ask us for the proposal. What should we do in this stage? Here is a short video.

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About ScoVelo:

ScoVelo Consulting is a boutique B2B Sales and Digital Marketing Consulting & Training firm that infuses science in the existing sales process and matures it into a Consistent Sales Engine.
Every Sales Leader is always looking out for bringing in more results from the same efforts their team puts in. ScoVelo Consulting helps clients achieve that through Digital Marketing Consulting and Training, Inside Sales Training, Sales Process Consulting, Key Account Management Training.
The combination of the Consulting and Training engagements help the sales teams understand the sales cycle and the metrics. This will, in turn help them achieve consistency in their efforts and in turn the results.

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