Mighty Networks Product 101: Paid/Public/Private Landing Pages, Inviting Members, Sales Pages

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We had a great time in this session answering your questions and taking you on a tour of a few Mighty Networks.

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Here’s what we covered:

3: 22 What is a Mighty Network for?
7: 55 Sharing some resources — Help Center, Case Studies, and Mighty Hosts
12: 30 The Mighty Checklist — we’ll walk you through exactly how to get started with pre-made templates
13: 03 A sneak peek of our Big Purpose guide — the motivation for your community!
14: 45 Landing pages — the front door to your Mighty Network
14: 56 A paid Mighty Network — The Happy Startup School is an example, with monthly and annual payment options and a free trial
16: 40 A public, free Mighty Network — Singularity University is a Mighty Network that anyone can join
18: 20 A private Mighty Network. The CTA is “Request to Join” and you can get to know a prospective member with up to 5 questions before you allow them to become a member. #WeAllGrow AMIGAS is an example of a Mighty Network like this
20: 45 The Personal Activity Feed — what your members will see
23: 30 Mighty Networks case study — Goes to 11, a sound engineer created a paid membership for audio engineers. A Mighty Network with under 200 members.
24: 50 Mighty Networks case study — THRIVE network, a year-long Mastermind Group program in a paid Mighty Network.
26: 45 Mighty Networks case study — Slow AF Run Club, a paid membership for over 6000 members. This Mighty Network started on the Business Plan and the Host took the Community Design Masterclass.
29: 08 Member profile in a Mighty Network. Designed to feel natural and help build connections between relevant members.
30: 52 Member categories — you can choose from 20 different categories and within those you can completely customize.
33: 43 How to get members talking to each other? Polls & questions!
37: 12 You have the ability to notify ALL members in your Mighty Network whenever you post something new.
37: 56 The notifications your members get — they can customize the notifications they receive through their settings.
39: 22 How to invite members to your Mighty Network! It’s easy — you can customize the notice, email people one by one, or upload a .csv. We’ll also automate reminders to nudge people who don’t join right away.
42: 51 How to use Topics in your Mighty Network
46: 15 The 3 Types of Courses you can create in a Mighty Network — just content, content + community, or building a course live with the community (a cohort-based course).
49: 12 Topics within a Course — you can have different ones than the Topics in your main Mighty Network
49: 48 Events within a Course — Zoom and Crowdcast are simple integrations with a great member experience for live events
53: 25 How to create an Article and all the rich media you can add and embed into an Article
55: 01 What a sales page looks like in your Mighty Network — everything is integrated in one place

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