Mobile Metrics: How to build a mobile marketing funnel

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Our first video showed you pirate metrics at a high level, how to acquire users, how to activate them, how to retain, get them to refer, and build revenue.In this episode, I’m excited to show you how to build a mobile marketing funnel for your mobile app.

In today’s episode you will learn:

0: 26 How do we know what events are important in the funnel?

What are the custom events in your mobile user’s journey? We look at how 100% of your customers move from downloading your app to the percentage who remain at the bottom of your funnel.

1: 43 What metrics do we track to measure acquired users?

We look at how we determine a user as an ‘acquired’ user and where they appear in the funnel.

3: 47 How to retain activated users?

We show you how to keep those users within the funnel and improve conversion rates.

6: 37 What metrics do we recommend for your app to focus on?

Here we give recommendations on applying your metrics and what will be important for your organization.

We would love to hear how you measure your app success and how you find the tools at your disposal in the comments below.

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