Moosend ClickFunnels HTML Form Integration [UDPATE] – Moosend to ClickFunnels Direct Integration

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Moosend has changed the way their forms are handled, and you no longer have the ability to create them inside of the List as shown in the original video:

This video update shows the current way to integrate Moosend directly with ClickFunnels using the ClickFunnels native HTML Integration, after Moosend’s recent changes to Forms.

This video focuses specifically on the Moosend side of things – how to create your fields and custom fields, add them to the form properly and integrate into ClickFunnels.

Watch the original video linked to above to see exactly how to create and set up the form inside of ClickFunnels.

This allows you to use custom fields (like yes/no questions and paragraph text) with full ClickFunnels integration, so you can gather additional information and add that to your Moosend contacts.

Once inside of Moosend, you can use that information for powerful segmentation of your list.

View the original video for more details about how this works and how you set up the ClickFunnels side of things.

View the funnel with the form code to copy here:

Download the ClickFunnels funnel here:

About ClickFunnels ClickFunnels is the industry leader in Funnel Building Software. Besides software, there’s an amazing community behind it with tons of education on building sales funnels that convert.

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About Moosend Moosend has been around for over 7 years, but gaining popularity lately. I recently signed up for a Moosend account and switching most of my lists there from Active Campaign because it offers very similar automation for much less price.

They also have a high emphasis on email deliverability, as well as beautiful templates, landing pages and coming soon popup add-ons.

You can see more here:

Compare to Active Campaign:

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