Most Effective Sales Funnel for MLM Business: VSL vs Webinar

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Video Sales Letter or Webinar? Which of these two is the most effective in selling your products?

What’s convenient?
What’s easy to get started with?
What sells more?

In this video I am going to compare the differences between VSL or Webinar by bring you behind the scenes of a coaching call I did.


Fibo Lim has built a following of over half a million entrepreneurs in the Philippines by helping them acquire red-hot prospects in social media, convert them into paying customers using an automated sales process, and generate sales 24/7 predictably & consistently.

He leads a community of sales professionals & entrepreneurs helping them grow their businesses online without chasing prospects, being judged, and experiencing rejection.

Fibo Lim is recognized as one of the most sought-after marketing consultants in the Philippines & a living legend in internet marketing.


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