Moving from ‘Piecemeal’ to Repeatable Scaleable Marketing that works [SaaS Revolution Show]

This week’s episode on the SaaS Revolution Show features Georgiana Laudi & Suellentrop, Co-founders of Forget The Funnel as guests!

In conversation with SaaStock’s Alex Theuma, Gia and Claire discuss moving from piecemeal tactics and ad hoc marketing experiments to sustainable growth. They cover:
– Customers desired experience
– Unique product
– Teams core strengths
and more!

In this conversation we talk about:

0: 00 Introduction
1: 46 Who is Gia Laudi and Claire Suellentrop
7: 41 What made you start forget the funnel. How do you help SaaS companies?
15: 40 Moving from piecemeal tactics and ad hoc experiments to sustainable growth
25: 01 Is Customer-Led Growth is complementary to Sales-Led Growth or Product-Led Growth

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