My 20 Dollar Travel Business Sales funnel – 25 Dollar 1 Up Review | Optional sales funnels

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In this video review of 25 Dollar 1 Up I share some of the new sales funnels on the inside for members including a sales funnel for my 20 dollar travel business as well as my lead gen secret.

If you are in My 20 Dollar Travel business and you need a marketing system and sales funnel to help you promote your business as well as automate the presentation process then 25 Dollar 1 up is something awesome worth checking out.

At the Gold level of 25 Dollar 1 up members have access to over 500 pre-written ads that are high converting, along with video training courses on marketing and advertising along with a fully functional marketing system.

There are no monthly fees to use 25 dollar 1 up and members can earn commissions on 5 digital products depending on which product they also own. commissions range from $25, $100, $250, $500 & $1000 with no limit to how many commissions a person can earn.

To learn more about 25 Dollar 1 Up please visit the website link in the description of the video.

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