My Honest Clickfunnels Review After 5 Years Using Clickfunnels & Other Sales Funnel Software

Clickfunnels Review: Hope you found it useful – Get Stuck In and Try Clickfunnels Yourself For FREE: Y

After I have personally used Clickfunnels in my online business for the last 5 years I felt it was important to provide my own honest Clickfunnels review.

If you want to speed things up and get stuck in with Clickfunnels and to say a big thank for watching my clickfunnels review video I have put together these free funnels, landing pages and opt-in pages you can use. These are a great starting point for you to simply go in and mess around with these templates and get stuck in and have a go at it yourself:

FREE ‘Done For You’ Clickfunnel Templates:

Use this Mini Website, Funnel or Landing Page Template For Anything You Like and Make It Your Own:


Gym Funnel or Personal Training and Landing Page:


Dentist Page, But Can Be Used For Any Type Of Service:


Simple Opt-in To Collect Emails Page:


Restaurant, Hotel, Bar or Entertainment Funnel:


If you would FREE access to my step by step clickfunnels Tutorial sign up here: R

If you are watching my clickfunnels review video then the chances are you maybe interested in using clickfunnels for your business, to collect emails or for any other purpose. As I have mentioned in the video clickfunnels may not be suitable for your business or may not even serve you very well. Whenever I am looking at online sales building software or any other software the best thing I find is to simply try it yourself, especially if there is a free trial on offer.

Clickfunnels for me personally has helped me to create a 6 figure online business by not necessarily building funnels but by simply building landing pages, opt-in pages and mini websites. For you or your business you need to test clickfunnels and see if you will suit you. But there are also some BAD POINTS also as I have mentioned in the ‘Clickfunnels Review’ video. Like anything new it can take some getting used to and you may still be unsure if clickfunnels is for you hence why I thought it be useful to put this clickfunnels review together. Hopefully my honest clickfunnels review has helped you to make a decision or think about trying it yourself.

Here are the key things that Clickfunnels is very good at below, this is my personal take on it and what I have used Clickfunnels for in my own online business:

1 Building sales funnels – pretty obvious I know
2 Creating mini websites
3 Developing simple opt-in pages to build my email list
4 Building landing pages that can be easily changed using the Clickfunnels page editors
5 Saved me time by just using their templates

What You Maybe Considering Using Clcikfunnels For? Here Are Some Of The Most Common Uses:

1 – You can build sales funnels for any business
2 – You can build your email list by building landing pages and opt-in forms
3 – Create Informational landing pages for any purpose
4 – Access different landing page templates

Give It A Go Yourself and Try Clickfunnels for 14 Days FREE Y

Clickfunnels Review Video Chapters:

0: 00 – Clickfunnel Review Introduction
0: 46 – Overview Of The Clickfunnels Dashboard In My Personal Account
2: 21 – Templates Available, Opt-in Templates, Sales Funnel Templates and Other Templates
4: 00 – Page Editor Features
5: 05 – How To Edit Your Page Including Headlines, Images, Text
8: 35 – How To Test Your Pages On Mobile Version and How To Edit For Mobile Users
12: 03 – How To Add Your Own Domain Name
13: 59 – Clickfunnels Sales Pages, Templates and How To Access Sales Funnel Templates
14: 48 – How To Create A Order Form So You Can Collect Payments Via Your Clickfunnels Pages
16: 07 – How To Edit Your Order Form To Suit Your And Your Business
18: 08 – How To Buy Premium Sales Funnel, Landing Pages And Opt-in Pages
20: 16 – Bad Points About Using Clickfunnels
20: 24 – Clickfunnels Pricing
22: 34 – The Statistics Inside Clickfunnels Dashboard For Your Sales Funnels And Pages
26: 28 – What You Get For The Different Clickfunnel Pricing Options

The best way to see if clickfunnels is for you is to simply give it a try for yourself. Play around with it, get stuck it and test the different features and see if you think it can benefit your business our your own personal online goals.

Try Clickfunnels for 14 Days FREE Y

Thank you for taking the time to watch my ‘Clickfunnels Review’ video, I really hope you have received some value from it. I would recommend you try clickfunnels yourself by taking advantage of the free 14 day trial that is on offer.

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