Navy SEAL turned Tech Exec on VMware’s SaaS Transformation | Technovation 557

In this interview, Mike Hayes, Chief Digital Transformation Officer of VMWare, discusses the increasingly blurred line between internal IT and the customer experience, VMware’s SaaS transformation, and Mike’s advice on how to effectively network. We also discuss lessons Mike learned serving in the White House, Mike’s experience at Bridgewater Associates and the importance of honest feedback loops, among a variety of other topics.

0: 00: 00 Introduction
0: 01: 25 Mike Hayes’ Purview
0: 03: 23 Using The External Lens to Guide The Internal Vision
0: 04: 27 VMware’s Digital Team
0: 06: 16 Using VMware’s Transformation to Improve Efficiency
0: 07: 38 VMware’s New Strategy
0: 10: 19 Lessons from the Navy SEALs
0: 13: 16 Applying Those Lessons to VMware
0: 18: 41 Importance of Feedback

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