Netsuite Overview and Demonstration – #1 Deployed Cloud ERP in 2020

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During the COVID-19 crisis, financial executives need to manage their business at an increased frequency. Metrics once measured on a monthly or weekly basis are now being tracked daily as investors and the C-Suite are relying on real-time information to make strategic business decision on-demand.

BPM’s Senior Manager of Technology Solutions Trish Eastburn demonstrates the full value-add capabilities of NetSuite, one of top 10 cloud computing companies, and how ERP optimization can help manage business through dashboard views showcasing dynamic key metrics, automation to mitigate risk and trigger business and event notifications, and access to real-time information on a single platform.

Trish Eastburn is BPM’s Senior Manager of Technology Solutions with over 20 years of software and professional service organizations. With breadth and depth of knowledge of NetSuite combined with industry experience, Eastburn proves herself to be reliable Manager for your enterprise.

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