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This New Webinar Insurance Sales Funnel can be positioned with any insurance product. Such as IUL’s, Annuities, Health Insurance, Medicare, Life Insurance and Final Expense.

Here are the steps that I talk about in the video:

Set Up Steps
1. Build a 2 page sales funnel
– pg 1 lead capture
– pg 2 webinar

2. Record a sales pitch video and put it on youtube. 
– SEO optimize video using “Tube Buddy” 
– Backlink Youtube video

3. Create Google Adwords Account
– Create video campaign (Instream Videos on Youtube) 
– Set Marketing Budget

4. Launch Campaign 
– Monitor Results

5. Send a personalized BombBomb video to everyone who attends

6. Email a 6 video series of different retirement topics
– Sales copy about video in email and a call to action button in each email

Here is the Marketing video that I use: 

Here is the webinar funnel that the Youtube traffic will be sent to:

Here is the Video follow up campaign series that goes out after they attend the webinar: 

(844) Jay-Peak
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