Onboarding Your HubSpot CRM Suite

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Successful onboarding of your HubSpot CRM Suite is critically important to achieving value from your investment.

So important in fact, that HubSpot requires new license purchases to include onboarding support, and you have two choices:
Purchase onboarding by Hubspot, or purchase onboarding from a certified solutions partner like Revenue River.

If you purchase onboarding by HubSpot, you’ll get a dedicated onboarding consultant who will teach you how to configure HubSpot yourself. HubSpot follows a 90-day timeline that includes consulting meetings and homework for you to complete between meetings. This is a good route if you’re able to dedicate the time, plan to run your own growth strategies, and are comfortable waiting three months to truly activate the entire CRM Platform.

Purchasing Onboarding from a Certified Solutions Partner is more customizable to your needs. Pricing and included work varies between HubSpot partners, but here at Revenue River, we offer reduced-price onboarding packages meant to provide a deeper hands-on service at a better price. First, we take you through an expedited onboarding process of 30 days to provide global settings configuration and complete training with a swift activation timeline. Next, we standby your team for the full required 90 days to answer questions and provide support. Our goal is to provide more hands-on support and help you begin achieving value from your investment into HubSpot as soon as possible.

If you’re looking to launch HubSpot fast, get some help completing the 1-time global configuration settings, and get a customized training sequence based on your actual needs, our Growth Suite Onboarding Services are perfect. Contact us to learn more about purchasing our onboarding services, or watch the next video to learn more about migrating your existing data.

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