One Product Dropshipping Store VS Niche Stores VS ClickFunnels Sales Funnel

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If you’re building a One Product Dropshipping Store with Shopify I want to explain why it isn’t the best long-term approaching to running a sustainable business that you can work on for 3-5 years and beyond.
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Hi Pirates!

You’ve probably heard the crazy around One Product Dropshipping and its benefits, such as:
– higher conversion rates
– you’re seen as the authority for that particular product in that niche
– your customers can find information about that product easier as your menu is designed to be all about that 1 product.

So with that said, there are a few things I want to explain before you go ahead and dedicate the better part of a day to building your store around the 1 product.

If you’ve searched for How To Build A One Product Shopify Store, you know the store is all designed around that one product.

Now, let’s say that product starts to sell well and you’re building your email list.

The easiest way to scale your business is to just sell your customers more stuff.

So you need to try sell them more of this product they’ve just bought and that might work – sure. But then what?

You’ll need to build out your catalog eventually to be able to cross sell them, or…you abandon the site when your paid ads start to lose momentum (and sadly, I feel this is what a lot of one product shopify store owners do).

So then what? With that money they’ve made, they start a new store and try to get another product working.

That sounds like a lot of work!

For me, I’ve been running the same store for 3 years and I’ll tell you what I recommend you do.

Build a branded niche store and add multiple products that are going viral right now.

When one of them starts selling well, copy that into a sales funnel on ClickFunnels and test that sales funnel VS your ecommerce store ads that you’ve been running to that date. NOTE: A sales funnel won’t also work better – maybe you’re getting higher AOV from your branded niche store because people are buying a lot of products in the 1 go. That’s why you need to test.

Now, all sales are going to Klaviyo – a software I recommend you use for your email marketing.

From there, start adding more products around your niche into your store and start sending emails to cross sell and upsell. Set up automations to do this.

Now, your Front-end offer is your first offer people buy.

As you start building up this store, you’ll naturally be running ads to test new products.

When people start buying this product (your frontend product) move that into a sales funnel and test with ClickFunnels.

Now, why a sales funnel? Because you get the benefits of the 1 product store. It’s all about your 1 product. You’re seen as the authority for that specific product.

BUT…you have the benefits of not tying up your website (asset) with just 1 product. You’re building out funnels for all your frontend offers AND you also have your main ecommerce website that you can send emails and have people buy from you longterm. don’t need to keep building these 1 product websites. That’ll get tiring, boring and isn’t a long term strategy.

AND…rinse and repeat this. Build up your email list for this 1 brand and it’s other assets over years.

AND…start new branded niche websites that have similar demographics to this main store and then start cross selling them into your new niche store.

It’s so much easier to do it this way and way more long term.

Hope you enjoyed this dropshipping tutorial and…

And I look forward to seeing you in…

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