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There’s a lot of ways to make money on the internet, a lot of business opportunities, but which one should you choose?
(01: 30) Affiliate marketing essentially is when you go out and promote someone else’s offer and you make a percentage, you get a commission. The issue with affiliate marketing is you’re always selling other people’s stuff and you don’t actually own any of the assets. A lot of times, you’re pretty much selling other people’s stuff and making very low percentages. And also there’s also extremely high competition as well.
(03: 58) Let’s talk about MLM or multi-level marketing. So there’s this pyramid scheme where the person at the top, half percent of the people that are only making the real money, the people all the way at the top that have tens of thousands of people underneath them. Regular people get into this and they make little to no money. 99% of people that become a part of an MLM, actually lose money because you’re buying stuff.
(05: 33) Drop shipping is pretty much when you set up some type of Shopify store or you create a website and then you’re selling these products on your own website. Huge risk because you have to pretty much go to China or a third party and bulk buy thousands of these items at once. ​There’s high shipping costs. There’s also legal liability issues, difficult when building a brand. And typically it has poor customer service.
(07: 21) Amazon FBA. Amazon is literally just like that housing company that will manage the customer service and all the shipping of your products. You have to go out there and negotiate with a vendor, third party from a different country, buy thousands of them in bulk and have them sit on Amazon. And the competition is skyrocketing.
(10: 42) SEO, it’s also called search engine optimization. Those search results that are at the top of the page, it means that they’ve been optimized for search. So if you’re going to be successful in business and do search engine optimization, you have to get your business ranked on page one if you’re going to have a fair shot at all. And it could take six to even 12 months or longer. The problem with it is businesses want results fast.
(14: 43) Real estate. If you wanted to buy and hold real estate, it could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Which is great for someone that’s wealthy that has millions of dollars in the bank, but for someone starting out, it’s probably not the best idea.
(16: 41) Stocks. Every public company, you can buy their stock and trade it and sell it and you can make a lot of money doing it. The only thing is it’s extremely high risk. It’s completely unpredictable. You might as well just go to the casino and play roulette and play the slot machine.
(18: 55) Cryptocurrency. Has to do with digital currency and how the world has evolved into online and the internet. They’re very volatile. Or if there’s conglomerate groups of people that are swaying the price of either the stock or the cryptocurrency, because they want the price to go up or down, which you can’t control as well. I always say, if you’re going to invest into anything, stocks or crypto, invest what you’re willing to lose.
(22: 34) There’s one thing that continues to work year after year after year, that one thing is small business marketing, helping businesses just get more customers. And this is a marketing agency that you own.
(23: 26) We’ve worked with over 50 different types of small businesses and we’ve been able to prove this model. And you’re actually providing back to businesses and helping them stay in businesses and grow.
(25: 10) So if you’re looking to get out of the nine to five, or if you’re a digital marketer or a serial entrepreneur and you’re looking for a better way or an additional way, let’s have that next level conversation so we can move forward with you to create this passive income model online from home.

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