Order Bump Tutorial: Examples, Real Case Study, The 4G Copywriting Formula (Short Copy Secrets)🔥

Imagine your short order bump copy on the checkout page raised your AOV by 30%…

Imagine everyone buying a cold coffee from your store said yes to the additional ice cream and happily spent more…

What would it mean to pocket extra dollars with each sale without spending more on ads?

An order bump is a complementary offer on the checkout page that users can add with one tick on the checkbox. Yes, no need to go through the entire cart process to add that to the order.

The convenience of buying is the key here.

In this video we show you how to write a short copy for the order bump section that converts.

And guess what! We also do a dissection of Blake’s copy that converted at 43%, and he pocketed $2479 extra through his pre-launch sales.

So if making more sales from the same traffic on your mind, then check this tutorial out right now!

Get to specific points in the video:

[00:53] – What are order bumps
[1:19] – Order Bump examples and ideas
[5:49] – Order Bump Copy of Course Creator, Blake’s testimonial
[7:07] – The makeover of the copy
[7:32] – The 4G Formula for writing short copy
[10:53] – How to use it write your order bump offer

Links in the video:

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