Outbound Prospecting Strategy: Reduce “Sales Friction” Using a Reverse Sales Funnel Process

Most B2B businesses, particular younger ones have a tendency to focus on cold leads, ultimately increasing sales friction so in this video I want to show you a backwards way of thinking about sales by using a reverse sales outbound prospecting strategy.

As the landscape in B2B prospecting changes with buyer behaviors, it’s becoming more and more important to incorporate an outbound sales strategy that helps increase the odds of success.

These sales prospecting tips, strategies, and campaign ideas were built from my experience with building sales funnels and outbound prospecting for other businesses and finally realizing that focusing on cold outreach first can be fools errand, so I thought there had to be a better way!

Following this sales process flowchart, focuses on 6 core sales campaigns that will enable you to squeeze every drop of opportunity out of your lead lists and never miss a follow up!

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