Peter Pru’s 7 Figure Ecommerce Sales Funnel Strategy Revealed (How he got into 2 Comma Club)

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In this interview, Peter Pru reveals his ecommerce sales funnel strategy, which allowed him to earn a 2 Comma Club award from Click Funnels.




00: 00 Introduction.
00: 47 Peter Pru’s Background.
03: 43 Why your business shouldn’t depend on Amazon.
09: 21 Biggest mistakes people make in ecommerce.
09: 39 Mistake #1: Not offering a subscription.
11: 51 Mistake #2: Only focusing on physical products.
12: 33 Example 1 of upselling non-physical products.
14: 33 Example 2 of upselling non-physical products.
15: 34 Why you should focus on increasing your allowable cost per purchase.
18: 26 Why subscriptions based businesses can’t make work paid ads.
21: 48 What to do while losing money on the front end.
24: 59 Difference between 6 figure entrepreneurs and 7 figure entrepreneurs
26: 54 Why doing business research is crucial.
28: 13 A company to study: Survival.
29: 12 Importance of Email Marketing.
31: 02 What is Peter currently doing?
32: 26 Funnel creation and offer creation.
35: 16 Why the funnel doesn’t matter.
35: 42 Don’t make it difficult for people to give you money.
39: 36 Peter’s done for you funnel creation offer.
40: 43 What to do if you don’t have anything in the backend.
45: 33 Where can you contact Peter?

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About this video:
This video is about how to create ecommerce sales funnels from the mouth of a master: Peter Pru. If you are interested in learning clickfunnels ecommerce funnel creation or even shopify sales funnel strategy this video is for you. Here Shah and Peter discuss multiple points around sales funnel strategy and marketing funnels when doing ecommerce with physical and digital products. Please let us know in the comment section if you would like to see more content about ecommerce marketing and ecommerce business related ideas that allow you to scale your business with easy. Thanks for your attention and we wish you successes in the internet marketing world.

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