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Course objectives
Introduction to Cloud Technologies

What is the Cloud and Computing
Evaluation of Cloud
Understanding Architecture running with Physical,
Virtualization and Cloud
Cloud Advantages
Limitation of Cloud
Different Types of cloud

Cloud as Service

Distinguishing IaaS
PaaS and Saas

Cloud Foundry overview
Introduction to Cloud Foundry concepts
Getting Started With Cloud Foundry

Accessing a Cloud Foundry system
Creating an account on CF public account
CLI installation / CF Manager Console operations
CLI/CF Console Overview and key area
Understand UI (Web Service) and CLI
Manage Access

What is an Organization?
Defining a User Role
Understanding Spaces
Understanding Routers
Logging Framework and Loggregator
Deep dive CLI utility and Various commands
The importance of the Application
Application development Process

Implementing logging
Accessing bound services
Using Spring and Spring Cloud to configure your application
Incorporating Spring Data, Spring Social, Spring Data
Using the command-line and web interfaces
Deploying application on PCF

Deploying your first application using Spring Tool Suite
Examining logs
ZERO Downtime deployment
Blue Green Deployment
Adding and removing instances
Auto scaling with CF

Vertical Scaling
Horizontal Scaling
System Management

Debugging your application
Scaling applications under load
Defining a manifest
Using and creating Build-packs
Using and creating Services
Cloud Foundry Health Manager
Application Architecture

Designing Cloud deployment
Interacting with hosts, ports, resources
Sessions and application state
Integrating the security service
Cloud Foundry Architecture And Management

Cloud foundry architectural components
What is BOSH
How Cloud Foundry works
Manipulating underlying resources such as virtual machines
rnand load-balancers
CF Operations

Backing up and Restoring Pivotal Cloud Foundry
Upgrading Pivotal Cloud Foundry
Introduction to Micro services

Microservices on PCF

Summary and Conclusion

Our PCF Developer Certification course will help candidates to gain hands-on experience to start, stop, scale and deploy applications using Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

With this Pivotal Cloud Foundry course, candidates will learn to use Pivotal Cloud Foundry’s powerful command-line interface and PCF services to achieve zero-downtime deployments.

Candidates will also gain hands-on experience to configure buildpacks, manage third-party logs, monitor application performance & use continuous delivery tools that integrate with Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

Upon completion of our Pivotal Cloud Foundry online training, candidates will be equipped with the skills required to design, operate, scale and achieve continuous delivery.

This training is aligned with the Pivotal Cloud Foundry Developer Certification.


This course provides students with the concepts and experience needed to work with and deploy applications on Pivotal Cloud Foundry. Students will gain experience in pushing apps to Cloud Foundry, accessing logs, and scaling.

Students will explore topics directly related to the design and running of cloud-native applications, including microservice architectures, blue-green deployments, and continuous delivery.


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