PPC Landing Page Best Practices – Tips for Generating More Leads w/ Google Ads

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Best Practices for Building High-Converting Landing Pages to Generate More Leads Using Google Adwords.

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Hey guys, in this video I am going to be covering best practices for PPC landing pages as well as providing a system and tips for designing high converting landing pages that generate leads from your Google Ads traffic.

I won’t be covering the technical implementation of building the landing pages, as this requires a video on its own, and there’s plenty out there already showing you how to do so.

In a moment, I’ll be showing you an example design template I presented to a Roofing Client of mine to show you how these concepts come together but for now let’s cover some theory…

Effective Landing Pages Satisfy 2 Parties…
Google Ads

So, we must first ask ourselves what each party wants.

Google has built their massive brand by providing the most relevant and quality results to peoples’ search queries. For this reason, they reward advertisers who provide great landing page experience because it builds people’s trust in their platform.

Landing page experience factors into a metric known as quality score which negatively or positively affects how much you’ll spend on a click to your ad. People with high quality scores pay less for the same position and low qs scores pay more.

Google claims you can improve landing page experience by doing any of the following…
Offer relevant, useful and original content
Be specific when the user wants a particular thing
Be general when the user wants options:
Promote transparency and foster trustworthiness on your site
Make mobile and computer navigation easy
Decrease your landing page loading time

However, I find these suggestions way too generic and basic to be of much use so instead I’ll talk about what I believe are some of the most important factors…

Content Relevance
Site Speed
User Engagement – Time on Site, Events (Video Plays), Page Views, Page Scroll Depth
Responsive Design
Trust & Transparency – Privacy Policy | Terms & Conditions

This all being said, what then do your visitors/customers want?

What your customers want and what Google wants will actually be quite similar…

Your customers want valuable information about the services they’re inquiring about. They also want information about you as a business which creates a sense of trust.

In the next sections of this video I’ll be showing you how to systematically discover what your customers want to know and how to build that trust in the first place.

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