Preventing and Resolving Banned Facebook Ad Accounts

Step 1: Confirm Identity at /

Two types of ID Verification:
Quick Authentication – Quick and easy.
Political Uses and High Level Confirmation – Takes longer, better verification.

Step 2: Take high quality and high contrast images of ID. Ensure the bar code is clear.

Step 3: Account Seasoning – How to set up a new Ad Account and/page properly.
Payment method
Boosted posts
Check billing threshold limit

Step 4: Handling Restricted Assets (Page, Ad Account, Business Manager)
Appeal to a person by choosing “Other” (Critical, watch in the video for clarity)

Step 5: Never leave disapproved Ads
Go through ad and try to fix error by tweaking ad elements to get approved
Request review (one shot with ad review)
Delete any Ad that does not get approved after the previous steps.

Resources mentioned in video: Local Facebook Ads Guide

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