Principles Of Building a Marketing Funnel

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🟣 A marketing funnel is a key to business revenue. This is the only answer to the question «Where does all money come from». If you want to build a perfect marketing funnel, you must know the principles.
We’ve already talked about marketing funnel levels, corresponding activities, and even compared these processes with the plot of the Scream movie.
This time we’re highlighting the main rules for building a marketing funnel. The first three principles are:

📌 A marketing funnel is measurable and all stages must be measured with one metric, whether it’s users, traffic, sign-ups, events or money. Choose one!

📌 The lower the funnel step is, the more engaged visitors are. Mind it when creating activities at different levels!

📌 A marketing funnel should be as detailed as possible. Good and bad examples are included.

Watch the whole playlist devoted to marketing funnel hints and stay tuned!

🟣 Video chapters:

00: 00 – Intro
00: 35 – Principle #1. It is measurable!
01: 33 – Principle #2. The lower the stage, the more engaged visitors are. Good and bad examples.
02: 48 – Principle #3. A good marketing funnel is a detailed marketing funnel. Why is it important?
03: 58 – Few more principles.
04: 12 – This video as a part of the funnel. You are already there, yeah. Welcome.
05: 10 – The most important thing about a marketing funnel.

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