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Product Marketing

What is an ecommerce landing page?
ECommerce + Touchdown Web Page.

Let’s break down these terms.

Ecommerce refers to the trading of services or products online. Purchases happen electronically, but items can be provided physically or digitally. If you have ever purchased anything on the internet, you took part in ecommerce.
On the other hand, a touchdown page is a single website used to drive website traffic. Unlike a website’s homepage, a visitor can not browse to different web pages. The objective of a landing page is clearly concentrated on obtaining a visitor to take one, certain action.
Place them together, and you get a landing web page that drives individuals to purchase from you.

Pretty basic.

But just how is an ecommerce landing page different from selling on the behemoth ecommerce sites we’ve all become aware of:, Etsy, and also various other on the internet markets?

If you’re simply starting out, selling on these third-party systems can be a problem to establish. And also, there are costly charges that are difficult to justify if this is your very first time selling online.

Luckily, ecommerce landing pages allow you handle prices, test your idea in a low-risk setup, restriction competition, and better control your capacity to upsell, go across sell, and drive referrals.

Product Marketing

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