Pros and Cons of Software Sales Career

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Whether you are currently in sales or looking to get into sales, everyone faces this questions at some point in their sales career, is software sales really for me? A month & half into my sales career as a sales development rep (SDR) I was the worst performing rep on the team. It was incredibly discouraging and I actually called me mom that Friday afternoon essentially framing to myself questioning if sales was my best path. Fortunately after doing some soul searching I stuck with SaaS sales and got quite good at making cold calls/cold calling, sending prospecting emails, and creating sales funnels.

The pros of being a sdr are: 1. tremendous upside (as I talked about in my previous videos Software Sales Salaries and how much I make in software sales), you can increase your income potential quite fast. Within 2 years of starting as SDR I promoted to AE and increased income 3x. 2. you learn that soft skills like (great communication, persuasion, negotiation, working with others, presenting skills) that will be important throughout your career in sales or any other industry. 3. generally speaking you are paid based on performance (many other top jobs like investment banking and consulting rely heavily on end of year bonuses) in sales you get your performance bonus essentially every month based on how much you sell.

The cons of being a sdr are: 1. frequent rejection (you are essentially paid to go out and get told no each & everyday), if you don’t like conflict, making cringeworthy asks, or persisting past what established social norms are, life as an SDR may not be for you. 2. some still have a stigma as sales as a respectable profession (for example some people think all sales people are scum as the social model of used car salesman or overly pushy sales person exists), I believe sales to be an incredibly esteemed profession but others may think differently which could impact your perceived social standing. 3. working in sales can impact your personal life as day to day is such a roller coaster (if you perform well you are generally happy, if you perform bad you are generally not pleased, this can impact your personal life relationships and sanity, furthermore there is so much uncertainty with prospects buying/not buying that it can cause anxiety

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