Public Relations Crash Course From the NYC PR Expert | SaaS Angle

#5 episode of the Tachless show by Kira Tchernikovsky. Show about people who succeed by doing things differently. This is the Public Relations crash course by Jordan Chanofsky, CEO and Founder of FusionPR. Listen and have fun achieving your goals.

This ain’t about massive lead generation or account based marketing. This is about visibility, trust and doing things differently – bang on for the show!
I haven’t heard about the importance, cost, returns and predictability of PR for a while; therefore I invited Jordan to answer a mix of basic and advanced questions about public relations, press and SaaS companies ambitions.

Some of the questions are:
– Does PR come instead of content marketing?
– Can public relations be managed in-house or need to be outsources?
– What content works better with press: controversial or provocative?
– What is analyst relations (AR), and how that is connected to PR?
– Who would press be better interviewing – the CEO or the scientist?
– Really? PR can be tied back to the ROI?

More question? Ask in the comments.

My Guest:
Jordan Chanofsky, CEO and Founder of the NY PR Agency in the SaaS space


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