Ranking To-Do List Apps for 2021

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There are hundreds of thousands of to-do list applications on the market. This is Francesco’s opinions on the major 2021 task managers and what their future holds. This is purely to share my thoughts and as a relaxed video.


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00: 00 – Introduction
00: 23 – Ranking Task Managers
08: 45 – Final Notes
09: 32 – Pipedrive Ad

There was an error in the video when mentioning TeuxDeux, we wrote “2Do”

📰 APPS mentioned

🤔 Zenkit To-Do🎯 TickTick

🙌🏼 Sorted 3

☀️ Clear

👋🏼 Things 3

🐑 Taskade
🧠 OmniFocus 3

📈 Columns

🤠 Microsoft To-Do

🙋🏽‍♀️ Any.DO✅ Todoist📘 Trello

🏫 ClickUp🎊 Google Tasks
Inside Google Mail
📁 TeuxDeux

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– Zapier’s New Zappy Tool:


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