Remodeler Lead Generation: How to Build a Marketing Funnel

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Today, we’re going to talk about a concept that isn’t talked about enough and that is building your future pipeline.

Remodeler Lead Generation: How to Build a Marketing Funnel

Everyone wants more leads now and more business now, but we often forget that in 3 months, that will be “now” again. And if we haven’t done anything to set our future selves up, we’ll be in the same spot.

My wife and I often talk about this concept when it comes to getting stuff done. Will “future Spencer and Rachael” be glad we did the dishes tonight? We want to be thanking our past selves, not getting frustrated with them.

You need to treat your marketing and sales funnel the same way. Set your future self up for success.

So how do we do that?

At any given point, you have 3 types of people visiting your website:

ToFu – Will she ever buy? When will she buy? Who will she buy from?
MoFu – When will she buy? Who will she buy from?
BoFu – Who will she buy from?

Most of you aren’t capturing ToFu leads. And most of you aren’t capturing MoFu either.

But you see, that’s where the biggest opportunity is.

Bottom of the funnel leads have already done a bunch of research and they are looking for a company and contacting 1, 2 or 3. This is why you all think internet leads suck. It’s because you’re used to referral leads and WOM leads. Well those people are coming to you at the bottom and they got a recommendation so they are biased towards working with you.

Of course those leads are the best! But you can almost never grow or grow fast enough with only these leads which is why you need marketing.

So, when someone comes on your website and they’ve never heard of you, this is your big opportunity to:
–Capture them during research mode.
–Start building a relationship and earning their trust so they eventually become just as good as a referral lead.

But that process takes time…they may not be ready to buy yet. They might be a year out or more from making their decision.

Let me give you an example of how this plays out.

Homeowner Mary is browsing Instagram, Pinterest, Houzz and gathering ideas. She’s Googling for ideas and reads some blogs and browses some websites. She ends up on yours.

Because she’s not ready to buy, she leaves and then a year from now when she buys, you mostly likely aren’t in the running because who knows who she will find at that point.

However, if you are set up to capture Mary in research mode, you can start to build a relationship with her. Offer her some value, answer her questions, stay in touch. Send her design ideas, blog posts, awards you’re winning, things you’re doing in the community.

Now, we’re a year later and Mary is ready to make a decision. She’s trying to decide who to buy from but her mind is pretty much made up. You’ve been helping her with her research, answering questions and earning trust. You’re her top choice already before you’ve even met.

This is what building your future pipeline is all about. And just so you know. Our company does this too, we don’t just preach it. Recently, I’ve had 2 remodelers decide to work with us and they had both been following our content for 3+ years.

Everyone’s out there looking for quick wins, but the long game is where it’s at. Take quick wins where you can get them, but don’t forget about the long game because that’s how you’ll build an incredibly robust future pipeline. And the future will be here before you know it.

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