Review & Compare ClickFunnels vs Kajabi vs Wix vs Squarespace vs Thinkific vs Teachable vs WordPress

Confused by sales funnels, clickfunnels, websites, course builders, and more? Not sure which one to use when? So was I and I’m a tech entrepreneur! I figured it out and created this video to help you too. Review done in 2021.

hey i’m matthew giorgio and i want to help you compare and decide if you’re trying to decide between click funnels wix squarespace kajabi teachable thinkific it’s all really confusing and i recently had to make this choice and i found it uh quite difficult because the reviews are finding you know they didn’t seem to be quite impartial and they didn’t really seem to clearly identify the differences between this platform so if you’re like me and trying to decide hey do i need a do i need a sales funnel do i need a website do i need a course delivery do i need lead magnets and all this stuff can be very confusing and i’ve been in the tech business for for my entire life and running a tech company for many many years i’ve built these technologies and even myself i’ve been finding it confusing to compare apples to apples so i have figured out and you know without having to do a super in-depth hands-on with every product just trying to understand the differences between them and i thought you might find it helpful as well so i thought i’d share my findings with you so what you’re looking at on screen here is click funnels and let me let me click through a few of them here so we have click funnels we have wix we have squarespace i have kajabi we’ve got thinkific teachable and we’re going to talk a little bit about sales funnel so one of the reasons you may be thinking about click funnels for example and comparing it and trying to understand do i use click funnels do i use a website do i use think of ticker or kajabi and so on is you’re trying to trying to generate leads in some way right and so what i have on screen here is the sales funnel let me move my image a little bit smaller so you can see it all right so here’s how a sales funnel works and that’s important to understand how sales funnel works because that’ll lead us to understand the differences between these programs that i’ve just described so so generally we’ll start with some what’s called a lead magnet so lead magnet is something you’re going to give away or offer at a very attractive price so give away for free or offer at a very very low price in order to attract leads right so lead is a potential customer of yours and so a magnet you know the magnet is magnetized it pulls uh things towards it so that’s the the premise of the term lead magnet so you offer something to attract uh people and where are you’re attracting them to well you may be attracted to a website but in most cases you’re attracting more to what’s called a landing page so a landing page is exactly a website but it’s one page on a website that’s really all it is so instead of going to the home page of a website which might have a whole bunch of different options to choose from a landing page just really has just the key information that you’re trying to use to target to your prospects and you might have multiple landing pages for different types of personas or avatars or consumer profiles you know whatever term you want to use if you’re trying to attract different people with different promotions and advertising you might have different landing pages and so landing page again all it is is simply a page on a website so a website right is a collection of web pages and the landing page is simply one page on that website that’s very specific with it’s very specific messaging content for the prospect you’re trying to attract so that’s what so you create a lead magnet you know so we’re going to give something away or offer a great price you can create a landing page specific for that offer so that people don’t get lost on your home page or anything like that they’re going right to this landing page and then you may offer them what’s called a trip wire so tripwire is a low priced offer so something that you’re encouraging the prospect to pay for something right because there’s a whole bunch of people you know on the internet who want stuff for free and will never pay for anything and then there’s another person of people who will pay for value and so what a tripwire is intended to do is just separate out and filter out the people who will never pay with those who will pay now whether you should use a tripwire or not really depends on your business and what you’re trying to accomplish for example you know you may say well i only want paying customers right why would i not want uh only paying customers well here’s the thing a lot of times uh you from a marketing perspective the person you’re marketing to who hears your message is referring you to someone else so even though they may never pay for what you have they’re actually acting as …

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