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The 3 types of traffic is discussed in Russell Brunson’s book ‘DotCom Secrets’ (if you want the full review/summary of that, click the link in the description). It is also mentioned in the Affiliate Bootcamp free of charge.

So why am I making a separate video for it here?

Because this is something I wanted to stress, and not everyone has read DotCom Secrets or joined the Affiliate Bootcamp. Even those that did read it or joined, may not have thoroughly understood it nor taken action yet.

This topic is important for 2 reasons:

It will help YOU understand where you stand in the online marketing world.

It will spur you to take action if you haven’t already.

I will explain how in the upcoming slides. But this is the purpose and intention of this video.

What are the 3 types of traffic?

1. Traffic you control – Google ads, Facebook ads, any form of PAID traffic…

2. Traffic you don’t control – blogs, YouTube channel, Facebook page, any form of traffic that you get for free out of nowhere…

3. Traffic you OWN – email list, subscribers, followers, etc…

If you are JUST starting out in online marketing, you will most likely not have traffic you own (unless you already have some following from whatever you were doing previously).

You must BUILD the traffic you OWN by investing with time and money into traffic you CONTROL and traffic you DON’T control.

(1) And (2) may generate short term profits for you – but for how long, you don’t know. The bids for keywords may become more expensive any day, the products you are promoting may become obsolete…

Traffic you OWN then becomes a long-term and reliable solution… assuming you deliver what the people signed up for were promised.

My YouTube channel is traffic I OWN, but on the side I invest in traffic I control and traffic I don’t control (also my YouTube channel and my blog – but people who find my content valuable subscribe/follow), thus building my list across the different domains.

So why is this knowledge important?

Because hopefully now, you can see exactly where you stand in terms of online marketing – are you building your brand, or reaping some short-term profits always being ready on the move?

Nothing is wrong with raking in some short-term profits, but would it not be much more effective to also build your own list?

Hopefully now, by breaking down these forms of traffic, you will take action and build yourself – invest in yourself and your list – not just paid traffic or SEO.

Russell talks a lot about this in Expert Secrets – you ARE an expert in something, even though you may not know it – so get out there and make something happen – start a blog, start a podcast, start a YouTube channel!

Luckily, I started doing all this BEFORE reading and learning about this – but it’s not too late if you are just hearing about this now.

Here is the point of this video –


This list will then serve you for life whereas paid traffic and SEO is only temporary.
#Russell Brunson’s #Business
he is an entrepreneur who has created several products, with one of them being Clickfunnels, a software that creates funnel pages. Russell Brunson is the co-founder of Etison, which was founded back in 2014 and has quickly grown since then. Prior to founding Clickfunnels, he released other products, and before that he was involved with a number of MLM companies, where he achieved a lot of success.

Besides that, he has extensive sales experience. In fact, while he was in college, he got involved in internet marketing and marketed many types of products. This includes everything from DVDs to supplements to books to coaching and much more. Look look into Russell Brunson Net Worth.It’s important to note that nobody really knows how much Russell Brunson is exactly worth, but it’s safe to say it is very high. Remember, he has done very well in previous ventures, such as Click Funnels, eBooks and his mastermind program. Many of his ventures have done exceptionally well, and have added to his net worth as time went by.

With that said, it’s safe to say #RussellBrunson Net Worth is around $40 million. Bear in mind that this is as of now and as Clickfunnels continues to grow, so will his overall net worth. Also, he might have other projects in the pipeline, and if those potential projects do very well (if there are projects he’s working on), then that will add a significant amount to his net worth. For now, we are saying he’s worth around $40 million.

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