SaaS Go-to-Market Strategy Modeling: The Science of Growth [2021] with Ryan Cahill

During our 2.0 SaaS Boss Mastermind I interviewed Ryan Cahill, the expert in execution and optimization of sales and marketing strategies about building the successful #GoToMarket strategy for your #SaaS in 2020 🚀

SaaS Go-to-Market Strategy Modeling: The Science of Growth [2020] with Ryan Cahill

Ryan shared amazing hacks that can be applied today to improve your GTM strategy and answered the question from other founders.

During our call we covered the following:
✔️ GTM modeling and the science of growth
✔️ How to design, map and model your GTM plan based on customer target and strategy
✔️ Walking through some company-specific challenges and discuss solutions.

Ryan Cahill is passionate about helping SaaS companies design, execute, and optimize sales and marketing strategies that align with the modern customer. This is focused on adopting Sales as Science methodologies that drive higher performance, greater revenue predictability, and improved clarity for continued refinement.

Ryan has spent his career in sales and demand generation contributing over $50M personally throughout his career as a 5x Club Producer. He spent the last decade in SaaS working for industry leaders like Responsys, Zuora, and SuccessFactors.Ryan has also consulted hundreds of subscription start-ups, executives, and entrepreneurs.

Through these experiences, he witnessed the shift to a customer-controlled market and saw traditional demand generation efforts fail to deliver. The traditional methods of marketing, lead generation, and sales were no longer driving the results companies needed. This market shift and need for expertise in the new model was the catalyst for founding Executive Answers and DemandVue and the passion for his current role as partner at Winning By Design.

The software-as-a-service (SaaS) business model has been snowballing since 2010. By 2023 -experts predict- the SaaS market will grow by more than $60 billion (yes, billion!). And, of course, SaaS Marketing will boost too.

If you have a SaaS company, this is excellent news, but it also means that you can expect more competition.

Here are the SaaS Marketing tactics that we are going to analyze in this article:

-Offer a Free Trial
-Share Data-Driven Content
-Show Off Good Reviews
-Be “Very Responsive”
-Share Behind-the-Scenes Content
-Host Q&As on Social Media
-Share How You Give Back

What are your takeaways from this video? Comment to let me know!

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