SaaS Marketing: 3 Proven Strategies That Will Make Your Business BOOM With No Money

We took our business from 0 to 30K users and in this video, I’ll share the 3 SaaS marketing tactics that we used – and are still using today – to get new paying customers from day one. PLUS the strategies I talk about in this video don’t require a huge team and budget. 🤯

So if you have an amazing product but no customers because you haven’t figured out the marketing yet… This video is for YOU! 🫵🏽

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In this video:
00: 00 SaaS marketing
01: 36 Tactic #1: Integrate with other SaaS products
02: 43 Two types of integrations you can do
5: 41 How to integrate with other SaaS in the right way
7: 10 Tactic #2: Content & SEO
7: 55 Content type #1: YouTube videos
10: 51 Content type #2: Roundup posts & FB groups
13: 06 Content type #3: Guest posting
14: 07 Tactic #3: Advertise on blue ocean channels
17: 26 Find the right blue ocean channels

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