SaaS Marketing Course with Silicon Valley Veteran Dekker Fraser, MBA

-Welcome to the definitive course on SaaS marketing!
/>Your instructor is a Silicon Valley marketing veteran who served as a VP of Marketing for a Google accelerator startup, a Global Marketing Manager for Sony PlayStation, head of marketing for a Series-A startup, and countless early and mid-stage SaaS companies. He also has an MBA from the #1-ranked business school for marketing, the Kellogg School of Management.

This course focuses on customer acquisition, demand generation, and generating demo requests and free-trial sign-ups. The course will also cover longer-term marketing such as brand-building and partnership marketing.

Some of the key components of this SaaS marketing course:
– Free access to my SaaS marketing playbook
– Biggest mistakes in SaaS marketing
– 15 ways to get demo requests
– How to get leads instantly
– Time horizons in SaaS marketing
– SaaS funnel optimization
– Influencer marketing
– Product-led growth
– Marketing psychology
– SaaS lead nurturing
– SaaS buyer journey
– Sales enablement
– Positioning with a SaaS positioning workbook!
– Homepage messaging
– Social media ads
– Content marketing & copywriting
– Cold emails
– Outbound marketing for SaaS

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