SaaS Marketing: Get More Paying Customers with a SaaS Marketing Plan | Ex-Sony/Google-Backed Startup

Get More Demo Requests, Free Trial Signups & Paying Customers – Guaranteed!

Learn SaaS marketing from a veteran Silicon Valley marketer with an MBA from Philip Kotler’s Kellogg School of Manager. Dekker was a VP of Marketing for a Google-accelerator startup, a Product Marketing Manager for a Google-backed Series-D startup, and a Global Marketing & Brand Manager for Sony.

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SaaS Marketing
– SaaS marketing strategy from a graduate of Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management
– SaaS marketing funnel for demand generation, performance marketing, and customer acquisition
– SaaS marketing guide
– SaaS marketing tactics such as paying for sales meetings

SaaS Marketing Plan
– Outbound vs inbound marketing considerations
– Short-term performance vs long-term planning
– Frameworks for marketing plan development
– Best practices for SaaS marketing

Saas Marketing Playbook for customer acquisition (free PDF!)
Saas Marketing Video
SaaS Marketing Agency
SaaS Marketing Strategy
SaaS Product Marketing
B2B SaaS Product Marketing
Go to Market Strategy SaaS

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